AGPITT offers you the following services :

  • consulting for research, development and technology transfer;
  • elaboration of feasibility studies, evaluation studies and reports, technical projects and auction conditions of contract, consulting and analysis documents, business plans, documentation studies, market reviews, marketing studies, management studies etc ;
  • elaboration of studies and reports for the evaluation of the Intellectual Property and of the other intangible assets within a company;
  • elaboration of documentation with the view to obtain financial loans for investments.
  • mandatory authorized, consulting and assistance of specialty in the field of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer: protection, promotion, capitalizing and implementation, comercialization, couterfeit actions etc, for physical and legal persons, from Romania and abroad, according to the legislation in force ;
  • elaboration of documentation with the view to obtain the protection titles of the Industrial Property objects
  • elaboration of documentations and contracts of licence and sale – purchase of the Intellectual Property objects: copyright and industrial property (Inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, know-how, etc) and Technology Transfer
  • elaboration od the documentations for the protection of the information and of commercial secrets in companies ;
  • organisation of the data basis in the field of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer;
  • representation before OSIM, ORDA (the Romanian Copyright Office), ministries, in justice and before other governmental and non-governmental oraganizations national anf from abroad of the physical and judicial persons, Romanian and from abroad, with the purpose to obtain, protect, promote, capitalize and implement the intellectual property rights and technology transfer;
  • organization of symposia, seminars, scientific sessions, fairs and exhibitions, etc. in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer.
  • advertising, publicity in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer.


  • Which are the principal objects of the industrial property and which are the advantages it confers?
  1. The brevet for invention is :
  • An instrument of protection for a technical solution to conquer new sales market.
  • The most efficient way for the valuation of a technical solution.
  • A way to insure the exclusivity of your products on the market.
  • A way to interdict to the concurrency to use a specified technical solution, without the owner’s authorization.
  1. Trademark and geographical indications are :
  • Instruments to make known a company, an activity of production into a specified geographical area.
  • Instruments to identify the products and/or the services of a company the market.
  • Instruments for Q.C of the products and/or services of a company on the market.
  • Instruments for conquering new sales markets.
  • Instruments to interdict for the concurrency to make any act of commerce under the same mark or geographical indications, without the owner’s authorization.
  1. Designs and industrial models:
  • An instrument for protection of new designs for a product.
  • The most efficient mode to sale new design.
  • A mode to insure the exclusivity of your product on the market.

An instrument to interdict others (concurrency) to use a specified new design of a product without the owner’s authorization